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Who am I ?

I am Linventif, a french developer and ui - ux designer.

I study in a computer science at the University of Lille.

What do I do ?

I'm currently working on a lot of Open Source & Commissions projects,

such as addons for Garry's Mod, Program, Library and more.

Discord Server

I have a discord server where you can find all my public works,

you can also ask me for help, made comissions or just talk with me.

You can join it here :


Garry's Mod Content

Like my steam profile says, I'm a Garry's Mod addict.

I'm made a lot of content for this game, such as addons, maps, mode, etc.

You can find all my works on my workshop, github and my discord server

My Philosophie

I grew up with Open Source and Linux, my dad is a engineer and the CEO of multiple

company's and one develop open source software. So I grew up with the idea that

everything should be free and open source. But in our society this is not possible

for many reasons, so my philosophy is to develop comercial software to permit

the development of free and open source software.